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We were delighted to be invited back to Macquarie University’s Astronomy Open Evening.

It was a really fun evening and we enjoyed sharing our passion for rockets.

As usual all the best questions came from the kids.

We look forward to participating again next year.

A gallery of photos from the evening can be found here.


To celebrate the start of Science Week members of NSWRA were recently invited to Forestville Library where they presented a talk called “An Introduction to Model Rocketry”.

The talk was well received by a wide range of attendees, and lots great questions were asked and answered.

The audience included lots of young kids and we hope they were inspired to think about science and rocketry.

We had to cancel another launch today because of the wet weather.

So we thought we would suggest some rainy day rocket activities:

1. Art Applewhite’s website is full of plans for odd rockets and saucers. You can print many of the designs on your home printer. Think of it as origami rockets.

Art Applewhite’s Website

2. Rockets Magazine archive has enough reading to last you a few months.

Rockets Magazine Archive

3. The new beta version of OpenRocket is now available. Lots of great new features that are worth exploring.

OpenRocket 22.02 Beta

4. Check out the amazing photography of John Kraus.

John Kraus Photos