L2 HPR Technical Quiz

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#1. What effect does a boat tail have on a subsonic rocket’s coefficient of drag (C d)?

#2. When using a pressure-sensor altimeter in a rocket that will not reach Mach 1:

#3. What is the most common function of a motor liner and the O-ring seals in a solid rocket motor?

#4. A 4" diameter rocket with its motor is determined to have the center of gravity (CG) four inches behind the center of pressure (CP). Is this a rocket likely to be stable?

#5. What happens to the coefficient of drag (Cd) as the rocket approaches the speed of sound?

#6. What is the difference between a J640 and a J320 high power rocket motor (assume full 1280 Newton-second J motors)?

#7. What is NH4ClO4?

#8. What are three methods used to shift the center of gravity (CG) of a rocket forward?

#9. For a rocket with a much less than 10:1 “length to diameter” (L/D) ratio, such as spools and pyramids, what type of drag contributes significantly to stability and makes it possible to fly without much, if any, nose weight?

#10. Rocket A is descending at 10 feet per second, rocket B weighs the same but is descending at 20 feet per second. Which statement is true?

#11. What are the three forces acting upon a rocket during flight?

#12. What is the primary requirement for a rocket motor ignitor?

#13. When using an accelerometer-based altimeter in a rocket that may exceed Mach 1:

#14. How do you convert Newtons of thrust to pounds of thrust?

#15. What can happen if all the motors of a cluster do not ignite at launch?

#16. What is the most common oxidizer in commercially available high power composite solid rocket motors?

#17. What is the purpose of a launch rod, rail or tower?

#18. What are three methods used to shift the center of pressure (CP) aft?

#19. Which of the motors listed below has the highest total impulse?

#20. Which describes the thrust curve of a progressive motor?

#21. What is a Cato?

#22. What does the motor designation I220-8 mean?

#23. For a cluster rocket, which construction technique will minimize the effect of one motor failing to ignite?

#24. Which of the following has a total impulse (It) in the J motor range?

#25. For a subsonic rocket, what factors most greatly affect the coefficient of drag (C d)?