L2 HPR Safety Quiz

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#1. What is a class 2 rocket?

#2. What variation is permitted in the certified delay time of commercial high power rocket motors?

#3. What is a complex high power rocket?

#4. What is the Authority Having Jurisdiction?

#5. What operating clearances must be complied with for flying high power rockets?

#6. Who may operate a high power rocket?

#7. What criteria apply to the construction of a high power rocket?

#8. What is the launch site criterion?

#9. When may a solid propellant high power rocket motor be shipped and stored with the ignitor installed?

#10. How close can spectators be to a high power rocket launch?

#11. What is the maximum altitude allowed for flying high power rockets if there is a cloud ceiling of 3000 feet (914 m) and an FAA waiver to 15,000 feet (4572 m)?

#12. When is the sale, offering for sale and/or exposing for sale of uncertified motors permissible?

#13. According to NFPA 1127, who is permitted to produce for sale a solid propellant high power rocket motor?

#14. What is the best pad practice for loading a rocket with electronic recovery?

#15. When must the stability of a rocket be determined?

#16. When can electronics that control energetics be powered on?

#17. At what total impulse and average thrust does a motor become high power?

#18. When must a high power rocket launching device incorporate a blast deflector?

#19. The minimum distance for all involved rockets shall be the lesser of the complex distance for the total installed impulse, 2000 ft (610 M), or 1.5 times the highest altitude expected to be achieved by any of the rockets when _____ or more rockets are launched simultaneously?

#20. The design and construction of high power rocket vehicles and launch operations is detailed in what code?

#21. What is the limit of surface wind for launching a high power rocket?

#22. What is generally covered in the scope of NFPA 1127?

#23. When is it permissible to catch a high power rocket?

#24. Who is allowed in the launch area at a Tripoli research launch?

#25. Organizations that may certify high power rocket motors include: