Club Equipment

In recent years NSWRA has made a significant investment in equipment to help ensure our launch days run smoothly and safely.

Please note that the club may not have all equipment available at every launch, so if you have any specific requirements please contact the club before the launch.

Launch Rods and Rails

NSWRA has a variety of launch rods and rails to suit most rockets including:

Launch Rods

  • 2.3mm and 3.2mm diameter, approx. 0.9m long
  • 4.8mm diameter, 1.0m long
  • 6.3mm diameter, 1.5m long

Launch Rails

  • 1010 T-slot extrusion rails, 1.8m to 2.0m long
  • 1515 T-slot extrusion rails, 2m long


Launch Controller

In 2021 NSWRA made the biggest investment in the history of the club. A state-of-the-art Wilson FX wireless launch control system, which was custom-made for the club. This system is capable of safely launching 2 banks of 8 pads, 1 bank of 4 pads and a single away pad (21 pads in total).


If you want to know how high and how fast your rocket has flown then the club owns several altimeters that members can borrow. These include the excellent Jolly Logic Altimeter One.

Delay Adjustment Tools

The club has a range of delay drilling tools in various sizes. These tools are used to reduce the delay on mid and high power motors to fine tune the timing of the parachute deployment.

Motor Adapters

The club has a range of motor adapters in various sizes. These adapters allow you to adapt down the size of your rocket’s motor mount tube to accept smaller diameter motors. This provides access to a broader range of motors.

PA System

The club’s 2 speaker wireless PA system is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment. It allows the Launch Control Officer (LCO) and Range Safety Officer (RSO) to communicate important information with members and other attendees at a launch.