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Club Launch Sites


Whalan Reserve


As of March 2014 Whalan Reserve is the main MPR NSWRA launch site. Please see maps below for location details.

At Whalan Reserve launches usually start ~9:00am and finish around 1:00pm

Once you enter the reserve continue along the main road until you reach the RC racing track.
There is a gate that will be unlocked during launch days and you can continue through to the parking area.

Whalan Reserve launches are limited to MPR with some restrictions and dependant on the weather.

Whalan Reserve Limitations

  • Total rocket mass no more than 1500 grams.

  • Motors up to and including G

  • No motors with propellant weight greater than 62.5g.

  • Construction - no metal as structural parts.

  • Maximum height 1000 feet AGL.
    (1500 feet AGL on calm days)

Please check the launch calendar for launch opportunities.

Continue straight ahead from the entrance until you get to the model car track. Turn right and you will see a metal gate.

Go through the gate. It will most likely be closed, but should not be locked. Please close it behind you but do not lock it.

Continue along until you get to here. Turn left past the tree and onto the short stretch of dirt road.

Continue along the dirt road onto the old race track and then you should see the launch pads. (Behind the small bush in this photo)



Mullaley, NSW


Mullaley is the main NSWRA HPR launch site. It is about 5 hours north of Sydney. Please see maps below for location details.
The exact launch location on the property will vary based on the state of the crops. The farmer will inform us closer to each launch day.
Please make sure you pick up all rubbish on your way out and leave the launch site in the state that you found it.

The X below marks the approximate location of the launch site






The YASS launch site is located on Manton Road near Yass, about 3 hours from Sydney. See the directions below for more details.

Latitude:  3452'43.54"S
Longitude: 149 0'31.95"E




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