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NSWRA is a prefecture of Tripoli Rocketry Association

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Manufacturers, Dealers & Local Suppliers


Rocketry supplies (Rockets, motors, kits etc.)

Manufacturers :-   AeroTech Logo
Web site & motor list.
    Estes Logo
Web site.
    Apogee Logo
Web site.
Local Suppliers :-   Bergs Hobies Logo
Web site.
Web site
Local suppliers of raw materials.

Company   Contact details   Products
Metalcorp Steel
Manchester Road West
NSW 2144

Phone: (02) 9714 8092
Fax: (02) 9714 8036

  Merchant steel.
Lee Bros Engineering Supplies
6 Dunlop St
Nth Parramatta
  Phone 9890 1555 Fax 9890 1480
No web site.
  Nuts, Bolts, taps, dies.
25 Loyalty Rd, North Rocks
NSW 2151

Place orders through sales.
Pickup at rear dock.

Phone (02) 9878 5544,
Fax (02) 9878 6366
Email dotnsw@dotmar.com.au
Website :- www.dotmar.com.au


Engineering plastics.

80/20 Australia
Unit 10, 35 Foundry Road,
Seven Hills NSW 2147
  Phone: +61 2 9838 9900
Fax: +61 2 9838 9933
  Guide rails

Send me links of retail suppliers that you have visited and are worth mentioning. There are heaps of places around
but I would like to list the best ones - which are usually the ones you keep going back too, or always have good
variety even though they may not be the cheapest.

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