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Rocket Design, Construction & Miscellaneous

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There are many other sites dedicated to rocket construction so this site will cover just a few of the basics.

  • Fibreglassing
  • Cardboard construction Basics
  • Launch lug design for club rail. (see below)
  • Cleaning RMS casings. (see below)

Launch rail Lug design and details for the HPR towers

The bolt and nut used to hold launch lugs should not protrude too far into the tube if a chute needs to be ejected past it. Smooth off edges using epoxy so that there is no chance of chute been damaged as it slides past.

Be aware that the launch rail itself has mounting screws poking up inside so don't increase the height of lug otherwise they will hit on the way up during launch.

The launch lugs are made by turning a dowel of Delrin or similar material on a lathe. If any one wants some just ask some of the guys that are into HPR rockets.
Aluminium should not be used as it binds to the rail, brass is ok

These launch lugs have been used over many years and have proven reliable.

The dimensions of lug will give you a loose fit so don't go under dimensions listed. The reason is that we have noticed that the aluminium rail channels will vary slightly in dimensions from batch to batch, corrosion also causes slots to become tight .

  Launch rail details

Cleaning RMS casings

Use a mixture of Kero with a dash of engine oil - Scrub the case with a soft rag dampened with the mix.
The oil soaks into the carbon causing it to loosen up. For bad spots just leave it in the mix and give the spot a rub every now and then.

Don't use a coarse rag or stiff brush as these can gradually wear away the protective etching of the motors.


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