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Mullaley and Siding Spring Observatory 4th-6th October 2014

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4th Oct 2014 - Siding Spring Observatory
5th Oct 2014 - Mullaley HPR Launch day 1
6th Oct 2014 - Mullaley HPR Launch day 2


4th October 2014 - Coonabarabran and Siding Spring Observatory

NSWRA was invited by the Siding Spring Observatory to participate in their open day. We had a small stand set up on the front lawn
so were able to talk to the public about the rockets on display and rocketry in general. It was also a great opportunity to look
 at some of the amazing hardware at the observatory. A big thank you to Peter Small, Peter Verwayen and Sarah O'Callaghan
from the observatory for the invitation and accommodating our stand on the day.

Image 1.

Driving to Siding Spring Observatory from Coonabarabran.

Image 2.

NSWRA Stand at Siding Spring Observatory

Image 3.

There were a number of telescopes set up to view the sun.

Image 4.


Image 5.
Image 6.

The telescope is massive. Note the ladder near the secondary mirror

Image 7.

This robot places tiny magnets with fibre optic cables onto the star field captured by the main mirror.
The light from each star can then be individually analysed by a spectrometer.

Image 8.

I wonder if the harpist plays all night for the astronomers?

Image 9.

View from the telescope dome walkway.

Image 10.

Image 11. (Photo: Ben Nicholson)

Demonstration flight on 1/2A.

Image 12.

Volcanic rock formation near Coonabarabran.

Image 13.

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