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In May last year Derek attempted to break the Tripoli record for a clustered rocket with a total impulse in the F range.
Recognition of this record was delayed due to a backlog of record attempts and some changes to the Tripoli Records Committee. But we are pleased to announce that this record has now been officially recognised by Tripoli. Derek’s new record altitude is 1,271 feet, compared to the previous record of 910 feet.
To reduce weight the rocket (named The Chicken) was not carrying a GPS and was lost in some crops for 5 hours, but was eventually found and recovered in excellent condition.
We encourage all members to explore the records on the Tripoli website and have a go at breaking them. Some of the lower impulse records are quite accessible using a rocket built from relatively cheap materials. Good luck!
We are excited to have received an order from Jolly Logic.
The club now owns 2 x Jolly Logic AltimeterTwos and a Jolly LogicChute Release.
We also purchased some replacement batteries for our old AltimeterOnes, as the old batteries were struggling to hold a charge.
The Altimeters and Chute Release will be available for club members to borrow free of charge at our launches.
A big thank you to Tripoli who covered the cost of these purchases via their Prefecture Improvement Plan.

We surveyed members earlier this year and the majority of respondents said they were keen to try a SUNDAY launch.

So that’s what we have organised.

Look forward to seeing lots of you on SUNDAY 27th November at Whalan Reserve.