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Congratulations to Madison Weekes, who under the mentoring of Mathias Gaertner (our Level 3 TAP member), successfully completed his Level 3 certification at our recent Mullaley launch weekend.

After many months of documentation, calculations, specifications and building Madison (and team) launched and recovered the Madcow Frenzy Massive rocket, called “M.W.A.B.”.

Running on a M1560 motor Madison’s  rocket flew to an altitude of 6350ft (1935m). The drogue parachute deployed at apogee; followed by the main chute at 1000ft (330m). The rocket eventually touched down, down-range at a distance of 750m. The rocket was successfully retrieved for TAP review…. SUCCESS!!

Madison said “This flight was special to me because not only was it the first L3 certification flight in NSW, but it was a symbol of what can be achieved when the depth of knowledge possessed by senior members of the NSWRA is combined with the ambition and resources of University student fliers. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mathias who agreed to take me on as an L3 candidate back in early 2021, and who worked with me over the last year to make this flight possible. I would also like to thank the NSWRA for being so supportive of my flight and for truly making this accomplishment feel special. Finally, I would like to thank the members of the UNSW Rocketry Team.”

Congratulations, Madison, on joining a very select group of Level 3 flyers!