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NSWRA Membership Details

Membership Type Cost Description
Senior (18yrs and over) $150 / year Includes spouse/partner, and all children under 18 years of age in their care.
Full use of equipment, voting and access to E+ motors.
Junior (Under 18yrs) $90 / year Junior (1 individual under 18). Restricted to low power rocketry
Parent or guardian supervision required.
Participating Visitor $10 / day For a non-member who wants to fly rockets on the day.
Restricted to low power rocketry (LPR)
Maximum of 2 consecutive launch days.
Not entitled to vote.
Non-participating Visitor FREE Feel free to come along and ask questions or watch.

NSWRA membership is valid from July 1 to June 30 with all renewals due before July 1st
Those joining/renewing in May are covered until 30th June the following year.

  Joining the club or renewing your membership:

  1. Please fill in the Membership Application Form. You can either send us an electronic copy via email, or print it out and bring it with you to the next launch. We will have spare copies of the form at the launch if you forget.

  2. Pay the membership fee. (New members pay a pro rata amount according to the table below)
    Payment options include:
    a) Cash or cheque at the next launch you attend or
    b) Direct Bank Deposit - please contact us for banking details.

  3. Your membership card will be ready for collection at the next launch.

New member joining
in month
Senior Junior
January $65 $40
February $50 $30
March $40 $25
April $25 $15
May $150 $90
June $150 $90
July $150 $90
August $140 $85
September $125 $75
October $115 $70
November $100 $60
December $75 $45
Please feel free to contact any of the committee members if you have any questions about these changes.

All membership applicants and participating visitors will need to provide identification and contact details.
A membership card will be issued by the next event.

Upon registration new members will have Low Power Rocketry (LPR) Certification.
This will allow them to fly rockets with motors up to a total impulse of 20Ns (equivalent to a "D" motor), and black powder "E" motors.
To fly bigger motors with the club you will need to go through the fairly simple MPR accreditation procedure.


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