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Club Gear

Old Doonside Grand Stand!
Launch stands
The stands are a simple design just water pipe and clamps. The Rods are Soldered into a threaded steel bar so that a spanner can
be used on them. Some wooden plugs are used as deflectors. The wood also stops the clips shorting out on the metal stand.
The grass is unaffected below the stands.
Launch Racks.
We have 4 banks of launch pads.
Available rod sizes:-   2mm (1/16th")   3.2mm (1/8th")
    4.8mm (3/16th")   6.3mm (1/4")

Launch Pads
Close up of one of the racks:-
Rod Support
Club launch controller.
12 channel digital control and on the right is one of the 4 outlets that we
use, each bank has 4 outlets.

Designed and constructed by Paul, they are over 9yrs old and work well.
In July 2008 the processors was checked and there were
over 2000 launches recorded.

We are in the process of upgrading our launch control units before age takes its toll.
Launch control

Slave Unit.
Slave Unit
Junction Box.
Used to connect multiple slave units..
Junction Box
New heavy duty cable has 0.1 ohm loop resistance and is about 30m long.
This cable had a huge influence on igniters, resulting in motors starting much quicker and fewer "no ignition" problems.
Control Table.
Public address system & launch controller.
Control Table
Heavy duty plugs (we will see how long they last) :-
There were may different ways of connecting the cables. This one was
chosen as there are no exposed electrical components to short
out or damage and they supported the heavy cable.
PA System takes both cordless & standard microphones.
It connects to launch control box for its power.
PA amplifier 
HPR launch tower.
Tower is 7 meter (24') and is stored on HPR site.
The bracket on top holds a security camera with a cable
running down one of the guide ropes.
HPR Tower & camera 
HPR tower
Small HPR launch rail mounted on a Triton stand with
guide ropes attached to the top.
Triton stand
Triton launch tower

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