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HPR Tripoli (TRA) Certification Information

For full details of the Tripoli certification procedures please visit: http://www.tripoli.org/


HPR Certification
Flight test required Pre Requirements Certification will allow you to fly
(In addition to current certification.)
Level 1 certification Fly a H or I powered rocket successfully. Experience in flying model rockets. H & I motors.
Total launch impulse up to 640Ns
Level 2 certification Fly a J, K, or L powered rocket successfully. Level 1 certification, written theory test. J, K, & L motors.
Total launch impulse up to 5,120Ns
Level 3 certification Fly a M, N, or O powered rocket successfully. Level 2 certification, Project file M, N, & O motors.
Total launch impulse up to 40,960Ns

Remember, WorkCover, State and CASA regulations must still be adhered to and override any approvals given by the NSWRA and Tripoli.


Motors for model rockets and high powered rockets are classified by total impulse into a set of letter-designated ranges from A to O.

Class   Total Impulse
A - 1.26-2.50 Ns
B - 2.51-5.00 Ns
C - 5.01-10.00 Ns
D - 10.01-20.00 Ns
E - 20.01-40.00 Ns
F - 40.01-80.00 Ns
G - 80.01-160.00 Ns
H - 160.01-320.00 Ns
I - 320.01-640.00 Ns
J - 640.01-1280.00 Ns
K - 1,280.01-2,560.00 Ns
L - 2,560.01-5,120.00 Ns
M - 5,120.01-10,240.00 Ns
N - 10,240.01-20,480.00 Ns
O - 20,480.01-40,960.00 Ns

The letter-scale continues past class-O, but is usually beyond the domain of high-power rocketry clubs.




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